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Paranormal - Explore it with UFO TV : Your  Source for What Might Be Out There</font>

Paranormal - Explore it with UFO TV : Your Source for What Might Be Out There

<font size=5><br>UFO TV : UFOs & Aliens, Conspiracy & Science, Mind & Spirit

UFO TV : UFOs & Aliens, Conspiracy & Science, Mind & Spirit

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CLICK HERE To Buy Now David Icke Freedom or Fascism The Time to Chose

David Icke - Freedom Or Fascism: The Time To Choose 3 DVD Set.

"David Icke is the most fluent of conspiracy authors, which gives his writings a clarity rarely found in the genre."
- Michael Barkun PhD, Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University, author of Culture of Conspiracy

Filmed At London's Famous Brixton Academy

A life-changing experience, a truly stunning production from the world's foremost "conspiracy" writer and researcher.

British author David Icke has written 16 books and traveled to over 40 countries since 1990. His research exposes the Big Brother fascist dictatorship predicted by George Orwell in his book, 1984, and charts the history of The "Illuminati" with its connections to unseen forces in other dimensions of reality that some call ‘extraterrestrial.’ Icke refers to this as the ‘Reptilian Agenda’. This program reveals how a Hidden Hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution.

* Who controls the geopolitical forces that govern the world today?
* How is covert control over a society achieved and concealed?
* What is the motivation and purpose behind global world domination?
* How much death and destruction can we expect to see in the future?
* How can we break free from the false controls of a fascist dictatorship?

David Icke provides stunning answers to these questions and more, including the details about his first psychedelic encounter with Ayahuasca, the extraordinary visionary brew which is used for medicinal purposes by the Shamans of the Amazon. Discover their amazing insights about how "reality" is only an illusion and how you can change your reality for the better.

<font size=5><br>Click Here to Buy Now UFO TV : Presents Shamans of the Amazon

Click Here to Buy Now UFO TV : Presents Shamans of the Amazon

SHAMANS OF THE AMAZON, is far and away the best film yet made on Ayahuasca and Amazonian Shamanism.”
- Ralph Metzner PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies

"An informative and compelling exploration of Shamanic use of Ayahuasca, the extraordinary visionary brew.”
- Rick Strassman MD, author DMT: The Spirit Molecule

"Human Future will be designed on how conscious we will be able to make ourselves and if there are plants that can accelerate consciousness then we must seek out and utilize these things. Something could jump out of some unexpected dimension and change everything."
- Terrence McKenna

"Shamans of the Amazon by Dean Jefferys is one of the best documentaries available on the use of ayahuasca in contemporary context, in traditional cultures that are being destabilized by the forces of globalization. As Jefferys' documentary makes clear, the revival of traditional shamanic practices with ayahuasca is proving to be a potent political and propaganda tool for reaffirming and preserving cultural values and identity in indigenous societies that are buffeted by environmental, economic, and societal forces beyond their control."
- Dennis McKenna PhD, co-author The Invisible Landscape

In a time when indigenous people, their culture and the natural environment are experiencing dramatic changes, this in-depth series of programs examine what these SHAMANS OF THE AMAZON, their hallucinogenic rituals and their special relationship with nature have to offer humanity at this crucial time in history. Discover how westerners around the world are using Ayahuasca and other Shamanic plants to receive knowledge, to understand their relationship with nature and to seek visions of how best to deal with deep personal, spiritual and environmental questions. In a "say no to drugs" era, there is a new subculture emerging, based on an ancient ritual of hallucinogenic plant use.

This film is dedicated to the work and play of Terrence McKenna, on the fractal edge of time, 1946 – 2000
<font size=5><br>Get it Now The Psychic Matrix Click Here to Buy</font>

Get it Now The Psychic Matrix Click Here to Buy

How Do You Define Consciousness?

What are psychic powers? What is the soul? Are we connected at the quantum level?

For thousands of years we have asked these existential questions and religions have attempted to explain our divine nature. With the advent of quantum mechanics, string and membrane theory, science has reached a new level of understanding.

In The Psychic Matrix, you will meet the top scientists studying these important questions. These brilliant minds explain how it is possible to have precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance; and how science has learned about potential human abilities that defy space and time.

The Psychic Matrix explains the true nature of this wonderful "multiverse" and provides cutting-edge understanding of our undeniable connection to the cosmos, spirit and each other.

Featuring: Amit Goswami PhD, Charles Tart PhD, William Tiller PhD, Dean Radin PhD, John Hagelin PhD, Russell Targ PhD, Brian O'Leary PhD.

Also Featuring: Peter Russell DCS, Dorothy Sisk PhD, Paul Pearsall, PhD.

Hosted by: Ron James
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