Dowser Dan Universal Pendulum
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Dowser Dan Universal Pendulum
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Universal Pendulum or
Spiraling Universe by Dowser Dan

Unique pendulum of copper spiral design inspired by a mysterious teacher in Taos, New Mexico and shown
to Dowser Dan.

The Dowser Dan Universal Pendulum has a fiber optic bead joined to the Spiraling Universe by a chain.
Different lengths and colors available. Specify color preference by email or
in comments sections when placing order.

Made in USA -- Rocky
Mountains of Colorado!

This unique design by Dowser Dan has a most interesting beginning:

In Taos, New Mexico, our vendor booth was visited by a very tall, slender man who
was most fascinated with the copper creations displayed. Within a short time,
Dowser Dan found himself and the stranger seated on the floor with a few pairs
of pliers and copper wire. In less than 30 minutes, the gentleman (name
unknown) taught Dowser Dan to create a spiraling design to use with spheres or
globes. This gentleman told Dowser Dan that the magical design would enhance
the energy of whatever and wherever the spiral was present in his
craftsmanship. The mysterious stranger then stood up, shook hands, and
disappeared out the door. We never even learned his name ... but we send much
gratitude to this "Spiral Angel".

In time, Dowser Dan was able to perfect making this spiral design to enhance many
of his copper and crystal creations. This "Spiraling Universe" pendulum is a
unique design by Dowser Dan. It incorporates the spiral magic with the spirit
of the stone whether natural (glass is also formed from natural feldspar, or
man-made fiber optic (which is the cat's eye / tiger eye effect).

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