Dowsing 101 Course Intro
Dowsing 101 Course Intro
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Dowser Dan Creative Dowsing Course                   Register now:  Class size limited
How to Enhance Intuition and Health with Dowsing
Wednesday, June 18, 2014     6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
The Therapy Center, 119 South Pikes Peak Ave;  Florence, Colorado
Dr. Don Gay’s office phone: 719-250-5678 to reserve your space and prepay with check or cash.
Register NOW and pay by credit card -  phone (719) 429-1063 or online
Dowsing enables you to interpret the answers to your questions.
Join us for a learning and fun-filled hands-on course which is
perfect for the beginner or a refresher for the experienced dowser.
Master Trainers Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia Nichols make dowsing easy and fun.
What you will learn:  Practice how to use dowsing rods, tools, and protocols.   
Learn methods and hints to discover answers to health challenges, and more.
You will benefit: become comfortable with dowsing basics you may use daily to discover information to assist you in enjoying better health and a better quality of life.
$45 tuition - COURSE  INCLUDES:
* 1 Pair of Dowser Dan Pocket Buddy Dowsing Rods  OR  Dowser Dan Original Rods ($20 value)
* 1 set of valuable dowsing guidelines  *  Individualized assistance  *  Discount on dowsing tools
Dowser Dan has taught at the National Conference of The American Society Of Dowsers. He shares with you more than 40 years of dowsing experience with a 99.9% success rate in finding potable water. He teaches you his specialty in how to find and remove incompatible energies on humans and animals which can cause problems to our health and well being.  Additional creative dowsing techniques are demonstrated. Future Course: Learn dowsing skills to help you through upcoming challenges whether man-made or natural: following your intuition and dowsing can keep you safe.
$10 Tuition for Children ages 10 to 16 when accompanied by paying adult; Age 68+ enjoy complimentary tuition.
Previous participation in a Dowser Dan Course?  Re-attend and refresh only $20
REGISTRATION and PAYMENT: (Your payment reserves your spot)    Secure payment online MC/VISA/DISCOVER or by phone  (719) 429-1063 
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Checks mail to: DanCin Nichols Expanding Horizons LLC; 306 Main Street PMB 442:  Cañon City CO 81212
Register in person at the door IF SPACE AVAILABLE. 
                             Be well And keep on dowsing!
About Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia and Creative Dowsing
Dowser Dan has been around "dowsers" since childhood. He has been privileged to be taught by veteran dowsers and teachers who encouraged him to become "creative" when dowsing. By allowing his natural dowsing ability to develop, he is inspired to apply dowsing in more than just looking for water.

When dear friends and fellow dowsers Marian Butler and Johnny "Rebel" Simpson began brainstorming with Dowser Dan, the sky was NO limit. Expanding on ideas which Marian and John shared with him, new horizons in dowsing came about! Dowser Dan's first Video CD in his CREATIVE DOWSING Library Series is dedicated to "Johnny Rebel" who passed on in 2005. Marian continues to be a dowsing mentor.

In 2000, the Dowser Dan Dowsing Rod came about through divine inspiration and is shaped similar to the popular "L Rod"; however, Dowser Dan was "told" to angle the corner less than a 90-degree right angle so when the dowser is holding the rods with the fingers, the dowser's wrist is in a relaxed position allowing energy to flow freely rather than bending the wrists as necessary to keep regular "L rods" level.

Once again, in 2002, divine inspiration guided Dowser Dan to add a genuine Arkansas crystal to each rod. The crystal acts as a "fine tuner" in addition to performing as a weight in breezy conditions. We find the dowsing rods respond more quickly with these quartz crystals which are hand selected by Dowser Dan at the mine.  Human inspiration of wishing a smaller divining rod which could be carried easily in purse or pocket brought about the "Dowser Dan Pocket Buddy".

Wherever the journey takes them, Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia are always ready to help people improve their quality in life by sharing and teaching "Creative Dowsing" concepts to all ages. If you're eager to learn, simply grab a dowsing rod or two and listen up! Sharing and learning new concepts is always exciting to Dowser Dan and "TLC".  Invitations to present "Creative Dowsing" are welcome. Please email for additional information. It's sure to be an adventure for everyone!

Since 1999, Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia (his wonderful wife and dowsing partner) are living on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

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Visit Dowser Dan exhibitor booth at  Special Events, Expos, and Fairs where you can observe dowsing rod demonstrations, purchase dowsing tools, visual media, and pendulums.  Be sure to check the event program to participate in Dowser Dan presentations and mini-dowsing demonstrations. 
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