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About Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia

About Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia

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Dowser Dan and Creative Dowsing

brief bio of website

brief bio of website

Dowser Dan has been around "dowsers" since childhood. He has been privileged to be taught by veteran dowsers and teachers who encouraged him to become "creative" when dowsing. By allowing his natural dowsing ability to develop, he is inspired to apply dowsing in more than just looking for water (which he has done a lot of water dowsing throughout his life!).

When dear friends and fellow dowsers Marian Butler and Johnny "Rebel" Simpson began brainstorming with Dowser Dan, the sky was NO limit. Expanding on ideas which Marian and John shared with him, new horizons in dowsing came about! Dowser Dan's first Video CD in his CREATIVE DOWSING Library Series is dedicated to "Johnny Rebel" who passed on in 2005. Marian continues to be dowsing mentor.

In 2000, the Dowser Dan Dowsing Rod came about through divine inspiration and is shaped similar to the popular "L Rod"; however, Dowser Dan was "told" to angle the corner less than a 90-degree right angle so when the dowser is holding the rods with the fingers, the dowser's wrist is in a relaxed position rather than bending the wrists as necessary to keep regular "L rods" level.

Once again, in 2002, divine inspiration guided Dowser Dan in added a genuine Arkansas crystal to each rod. The crystal acts as a "fine tuner" in addition to performing as a weight in breezy conditions. We find the dowsing rods respond more quickly with these quartz crystals which are hand selected by Dowser Dan and supplied from the mine owner.

Human inspiration of wishing a smaller divining rod which could be carried easily in purse or pocket brought about the "Dowser Dan Pocket Buddy".

So hold the handle gently with your fingers and thumb, keep your wrists relaxed and the tip slightly down when using the Dowser Dan Dowsing Rods (if you hold the tip too high or unlevel, the rod will spin in circles which makes it challenging to figure out information.)

Wherever the journey takes him, Dowser Dan is always ready to help people improve their quality in life by sharing and teaching "Creative Dowsing" concepts to all ages. If you're eager to learn, simply grab a dowsing rod or two and listen up! Sharing and learning new concepts is always exciting to Dowser Dan. Invitations to present "Creative Dowsing" are welcome. Please email DowserDan@yahoo.com for additional information. It's sure to be an adventure for everyone!

Since 1999, Dowser Dan and The Lady Cynthia (his wonderful wife and dowsing partner) are living on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.